”The counselling I received from Elizabeth was very helpful to get my mind and feelings straight, the support helped me hugely overcome my worries and concerns and build my confidence.”

”I wanted to thank you for how understanding and completely unbiased you were towards me or any subject that was discussed.  The way that you allowed me the space and time to find the root of my problems and ultimately figure out a way to get through them really helped in a way that money can’t buy.”

“When I came to you I wasn’t in the best place and it was the hardest period of my life.  Through a handful of sessions, I was able to come to terms with some major issues that were affecting my every day life.  Now, 2 months since our last session I’m in a much better place and really seeing the positive in life.”

”Thank you for everything.”

”……. all the sessions I have had really helped u have got me thru such a hard time.”

”I would like to thank you for everything you have really helped me a lot thank you.”

”I wouldn’t be the person I am now without you – you have listened to everything I’ve said and never judged me you made feel so relaxed which helped me open up you have been a inspirational to me.”

“I would like to say a massive thank-you for listening and helping me though my ocd, over the last year.  I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to me, I have come so far and have overcome my issues with your help.”

”Thank you so much again Liz I am hoping my own experiences can help other people in there life’s, your such a fantastic lady and I have looked up to you this past year I am hoping I can be a councillor one day.”

”The sessions I had with Liz were very rewarding, I improved so much in a short period of time then she helped me on to the correct path and the correct way of thinking I am now much more positive and dealing with my situation much better.  I can highly recommend Liz.” (Jan 2017)

”As a therapist working in the field of complementary medicine, I recently decided to attend supervision sessions.  Working alone as a therapist although rewarding, can sometimes feel quite isolating.  Feeling supported in the workplace is important to good health and can help to prevent issues building which can contribute to ill health.  Liz conducts her supervision sessions in a way that is unique to the therapist.  This careful approach has allowed me to explore all kinds of work related issues.  If you work in the field of therapy, whether it be alone or as part of a multi disciplinary team, I would highly recommend attending supervision with Liz as I feel she is non judgemental and highly skilled therapist.  She has a very special way of enabling you to see situations from many perspectives.  This has been particularly useful for me, in that it has helped me draw on positive aspects of my practice and work towards changing things that may have been acting as a barrier.  Having regular supervision, means you will be investing in your own health in order to continue to make a difference to those you work with.” (March 2017)

“Liz immediately put me at ease when I contacted her for some sessions.  She is very warm and engaging.  During my sessions I felt like I was in a safe haven with somebody that really listened and did not judge.  Liz could be flexible with appointments too which helped.  When I felt that I had got what I needed from seeing Liz, I was under no pressure to continue seeing her.  I felt that within a few sessions things were so much clearer for me – and I haven’t needed to return.  Though I know that if I need to, I would not see anybody else.” (February 2018)

“I was a little sceptical at having Counselling at first, but I am so glad I did it.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the thoughts from out my head into words out of my mouth.  How wrong could I be.  Once I started it just all flowed. Talking to Liz was so easy.  I never once felt judged or had opinions forced onto me.  I began to understand more about me and what I needed, Liz gave me an alternative way of looking at things.  The little tasks set have made a massive difference.  Now I am able to be more open to the people around me, I have gained confidence in myself and feel more like the old me again.” (August 2018)