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Elizabeth Pierce Counselling  provides counselling services to a number of leading Employee Assistance companies and can provide your business with a unique and cost-effective employee support solution providing you and your staff with a win-win outcome.

Did you know?

Employing someone on the National Living Wage (25+) costs an employer approx. £16,286.40 per year or approx. £313.20 per week (excluding overheads).

For staff on the national average wage of £27,500 this works out at £529 per week and for someone on a higher wage of £50,000 the cost to the employer is £962 per week.

Someone on sick leave with stress or a mental health condition, they will typically be off work for a number of weeks.  Not only do you have the costs of sick pay, but also the potential costs of having to employ temporary staff to cover the absence.

Employee support package

Waiting times for NHS counselling often run to many weeks and months. For  £240 you can provide 6 counselling sessions to an employee who is struggling to cope and at risk of going off sick, or is struggling to return to work.

So for less than two-thirds of the cost of a week’s pay at the National Living Wage you can provide an invaluable employee benefit that may prevent a member of staff going off sick for weeks or delay their return to productive work by a similar amount.

The real benefit is worth much more: your staff feel valued as employees and their desire to repay their employer with loyalty and commitment is greatly improved.

Call now before that member of staff who is struggling finally calls in sick, or that person you were hoping would be back next week submits another sick note.

For £240 your employee will receive 6 sessions of counselling to help them manage changes in their lives. Other packages are available.

What makes sense for your staff can make sense for your business too.

If you would like further information or to find out more please feel free to contact me either by email or phone.