About Me

Hi, my name is Elizabeth.  I’m a fully qualified counsellor based in Rawtenstall, Rossendale, with easy access from the M66.

I work with adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, bereavement, stress and relationship issues.  However, I am not limited to working in these areas.  During our sessions you may feel you want to talk about something else that is getting in the way of you being happy and that’s okay I can help you with whatever you feel you want to explore.

In our sessions together I will not direct you or give you advice but will help support you whilst you work out how you feel about what’s going on for you.

Life’s experiences can be very difficult or too painful to face on your own.  Sometimes talking with someone who is not a family member of close friend can help.  You may feel able to share with me those problems you don’t feel able to share with the people who are close to you.

I can offer you a confidential and safe place where you can work through any problems you wish to share with me.  I work in a non-directive and non-judgemental way.  It is my belief that by offering you support whilst you work through these difficult or painful experiences you will find your own solutions to your problems, which will enable you to move forwards and begin to feel good again.

If you think I can help you then please feel feel contact me to arrange an appointment or to find out more.  There is no obligation to book further appointments, however, you will have taken the first step to feeling good again.